Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh, We Made the Cut!

We are very excited to announce our entry into The Alastair Sawday’s Edinburgh guidebook for the U.K!

Who needs a well earned escape from reality?

Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh ‘Special Places to Stay’ is dedicated to showcasing top places to call home when visiting Edinburgh. Sawday’s performed a detailed inspection of our humble B&B before announcing they would invite us into their club.

Most importantly, we look forward to welcoming our new Sawdays Edinburgh guests and hosting their visit to this incredible historic city.

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We also want to thank The Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh team for including us and for warmly welcoming us into their community.

Each year, Alastair Sawdays release a physical guidebook you can carry about but they also have a very nice website.

Here is an extract of the The Sawday’s philosophy straight from their website:

“ Life’s too short for ordinary. That’s why we’ve spent over 25 years finding, visiting and choosing brilliant places to stay. For people who love special.

Our mission is to: Bring together people and places of spirit and character for meaningful experiences. Have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.

Above all, with such a brilliant and focussed philosophy behind them, we feel a synergy which we hope will lead to a long term relationship between Barony House and Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh well into the future.

You can purchase their book bundle below:

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In addition, we were also impressed to see Alastair Sawdays offer ‘Special Places to Stay’ all over Europe!

As we are very international at Barony House, it will be delightful to welcome Alastair Sawdays visitors from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as Britain and Ireland. Most importantly, it remains our goal to learn how to greet our international guests in their native language on arrival.

As we are Aussies, we have grown up with very little history so over the years. Above all, it has been wonderful to study and learn all about Edinburgh’s past and be able to share so many secrets and surprises with our guests. Not only have we studied and documented the fascinating history of Barony House but we have discovered many “must see” attractions around us which will inspire and give real insight into our evolution in modern society.

We are also confident our hand-made Arts and Crafts designs throughout Barony House and our delicious Breakfasts will offer so much more to our Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh guests during their stay. We just can’t wait to host our new guests.

Enjoy Pancakes made from scratch every day!

A few quotes from our Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh write up:

 “An 1887 townhouse with cheery owners dedicated to interesting design, good food and genuine bonhomie, a short walk from the bustling centre “

“ Come to be well looked after”

“Paul can give you a tour and explain the Ruskin connection, one of Susan’s ancestors – fascinating pictures, photos, plates and antiques line the stairs. “

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Finally, we are humbled by their critique and are proud and dedicated to The Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh community. You can count on us to always try harder, improve and innovate where we can. We aim to keep raising the bar higher into the future.

Thank you again to The Alastair Sawdays Edinburgh team, we won’t let you down!

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Have a sneak peak into our local castle. We are located exactly halfway between the 2 castles in Edinburgh. Most people much prefer Craigmillar Castle, less crowded and a more authentic, less commercialised glimpse into Edinburgh’s past: