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Wolsey Lodges Edinburgh

Wolsey lodges Edinburgh

In the United Kingdom, Wolsey Lodges Edinburgh is an accomodation guide. No matter which guide is used, we aspire to provide the highest standards of comfort and hospitality to all our guests.

To quote The Wolsey Lodges Edinburgh website below:

We want our guests to leave our lodges having had a comfortable stay, enjoyed warm hospitality and discovered more about the local area.

In 2018, The Scottish Tourist Board awarded Barony House with a 5-Star accreditation:

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Feel free to browse our website and enjoy a sample photo of our gourmet breakfast below:

Our website contains posts on our visits to local attractions and you can also access maps etc for download with compliments.

Finally, there are links to other popular guidebooks which feature Barony House below:

One of our common guest lounges

Read up on the difference between a B&B and a Guest House here

Homemade Fluffy Pancakes:

Aussie Pancakes, fresh fruit dripping in real maple syrup

We cook to order a large variety of breakfast options. From full Scottish to fresh pastries, fresh bread and daily specials. Overall, our aim is to provide you a most delicious breakfast.

The Wolsey Lodges Edinburgh team told us they look forward to adding us to their guide as soon as space becomes available. We are proud to be on their waiting list and look forward to seeing you soon!

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Feel free to visit our main website here, or our journal here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our world here at Barony House.