… up Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh’s Extinct Volcano!!

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh Map

When we first moved to Edinburgh, Paul would call Arthur’s Seat ‘Devil’s Peak’! It made me laugh every time he said it.

I can see the connection though, as Arthur’s Seat has a definite presence in Edinburgh. I still admire it with awe. While I travel around the city, I turn a corner and it suddenly appears – Edinburgh’s extinct volcano bursting out of the ground in all of its glory. *Simply Stunning* It is no wonder Arthur’s Seat has won the award of “top attraction” with Trip Advisor.

For the nature lover this is a definite must and Barony House is perfectly positioned to start your hike to the top. We’re so close you can be up to the summit and back down in time for our delicious breakfast! (What better way to burn off that pain au chocolat :P)

Click Here to download the walking directions and map of Arthur’s Seat
Arthurs Seat

Arthurs SeatView towards Edinburgh Castle from the ring road (If you’re not up for the hike, you could
always cheat and drive around the one way ring road)

Arthurs SeatDunsapie Loch, Arthur’s seat

Arthurs SeatCan you spot Barony House?

as4Feed the Swans, Ducks & Gulls at St Margaret’s Loch, Arthur’s Seat